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Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Hey, Golovers!

First of all, and before than anything else, let's stay home, right? Please.

As all you know, the world is going through a delicate moment and, with no doubts, avoiding social gathering is the best measure to prevent the contagion and increase in infections caused by COVID-19.

Without fear and panic, but following the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) as preventive measure, the @gocaseteam started working from home this week. Secondly, for the team that has to prepare the orders, and therefore need to be in person in our production facility, we have taken extreme precautions, reinforcing the cleaning and hygiene measures, facilitating gloves and masks, daily checkup on health status and establishing separate shifts. We are taking all the precautions to keep everyone in team safe and healthy.

Finally, in these tough moments, let’s try to express ourselves by spreading positivity, sharing conscious/preventive messages…. But, above all, showing that


and lets pass through this challenge together. Agreed?

With love, @gocaseteam.