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Get A Free Gift Card

How to unlock your gift card?

  • 1

    Choose Your Style.

    The first step is to pick your favorite products and add it to cart. Note: order total after discounts must be atleast $25.

  • 2

    Gift Card Appears.

    After your order total crosses $25, you will immediately see a product named "Free Gift Card" appear in your cart.

  • 3

    Place Your Order.

    After the gift card appears in your cart, place your order and gift card is sent straight to your email. It's that simple!

Sounds good? Now, lets get shopping!

With love, @gocaseteam.

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Frequently asked questions

I'm excited. Just to be sure, can you explain in one line?

Place an order for atleast $25 and receive a free gift card in your email.

Oooh nice, can i use the gift card in the same order?

Haha, you are smart! Unfortunately, the gift card can be used only in your subsequent order. Example: Lets say you place your first order with us for $25. Then the gift card worth $5 is sent to your email. This $5 gift card can only be redeemed in your second (subsequent) order with us. Clear?

Got it, can the gift card be used on all products?

Abolsutely, no restrictions!

I love it, where will i receive the gift card?

It's sent to your email that you use to place your order with us. Easy, right?

Wait, can anyone else use my gift card?

Yes, anyone can use it. All you need to do is pass on your gift card coupon to your friends/family. Sharing is caring. Now more than ever.

Is there a minimum order value when i redeem my gift card?

Yes, you need to place an order with atleast a value of $15. We will be honest, that minimum value helps us cover our shipping and production cost.

One last, how can i redeem the gift card?

You can redeem your gift card using the discount code sent to your email.

All clear, what should i do if i face any other trouble?

Just reach out to us here and we will help you out immediately!

Did we answer all your doubts? Now, lets get going!

With love, @gocaseteam.

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