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Follow these steps

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    Select your device.

    The first step is to select your model and device (ex: iPhone 11, iPhone X and etc)

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    Personalize it.

    Every month, we will pick a case for you and personalize it with your name

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    Choose your plan.

    Opt a plan that suits you. You can always skip or cancel anytime. No commitments!

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Standard (Soft)

normally $24.99 now $17.99
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  • $7 Savings / Month
  • Soft and flexible case, a crowd pleaser!
  • Personalization for all!
  • Order ships out in 4 days
  • Free shipping every time

Deluxe Matte (Protection+)

normally $34.99 now $19.99
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  • $15 Savings / Month
  • Sleek and tough case, an all-round performer!
  • Matte finish, stands out from the crowd!
  • Order ships out in 2 days
  • Free shipping every time

Anti Shock (Extreme Protection)

normally $54.99 now $24.99
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  • $30 Savings / Month
  • Extreme Protection, our most premium case!
  • Protection and personalization to perfection!
  • Order ships out in 2 days
  • Free shipping every time

Frequently asked questions

I'm excited. Who picks the cases?

Our fun team of designers here at Amsterdam who are always exploring the newest fashions and trends. Remember, there is a Gocase for every style!

Sounds, Cool! How does the subscription work? One more time, please.

Every month you will receive a personalized case from us and the shipping is 100% free every time.

Crystal clear now. How much should i pay?

$24.99 for our Anti-Shock Extreme Protection Cases and $19.99 for Deluxe Matte (Protection+)

Billing done. Does my subscription renew monthly?

Yep, that's right.

Wait, can i change the phone device and customisation name once i start the subscription?

Indeed, you can always change the device and name. Contact us, your request will be handled in a flash.

Hmmm, How to unsubscribe?

Just reach out to us at here and we will get it done immediately for you!

So... What’s the catch?

You are stuck with us, forever! Nah, just kidding. Let's style up your phone together, with no commitments. That's a promise!

After i place the order, where can i see my subscription status?

Good question, you can access your personal dashboard using this link