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Want to get an iPhone 12 case for your newest mobile? Gocase has all the best products in store. Here you will find over 2.000 unique case designs offering protection and style at the same time.

Our cases are already available to this latest and most high-powered of Apple products. The design is adapted to the specifics of the new iPhone 12, with an opening for its three cameras in the back.

Pick a case according to your taste, or perhaps one that will match your looks for a special occasion. Whichever way you decide to go about it, there will be a model you like in our catalog. But if you like doing things yourself, we let you customize your own case to give it a personal touch.

Also, whether you are new to Apple products or not, you may be looking for a charger for your iPhone 12. Luckily, we also have those in store. The wall chargers will fill your powering needs and also come with their own design. Just like the cases, they can also be personalized.

Find out what goes in a case

Gocase prides itself on delivering high-quality and customizable items to its customers. That is why our cases are made with top-notch TPU, a combination between plastic and rubber.

They combine flexibility and resistance, protecting the phone from any damage that may come from scratches, impacts or dust. These cases resist oil and grease as well, not accumulating stains or turning yellow over time.

The Apple iPhone 12 cases have a strong grip, meaning you will be able to hold your phone firmly through day-to-day usage without slipping. Yet, they are also highly flexible so as not to lose their original shape even after being bent.

Learn about the different case versions

The best iPhone 12 cases from Gocase come in three different versions all made of TPU: the classic Soft Flexible; the premium Deluxe Matte; and the military-graded Anti-Shock. Let’s get into detail about each of them.

Soft Flexible is the standard, most classic version of all. Whenever we talk about how flexible and resistant our cases are, it is usually these ones we have in mind, specifically.

Now the Deluxe Matte is a premium line of cases that has one additional advantage over the other ones: it has a fine matte finish on its surface, making it look and feel smoother and more comfortable to touch. They come in clear iPhone 12 case models as well, which let you proudly show that Apple logo to everyone.

The main calling card for the Anti-Shock case is protection. As its name suggests, it guards your phone against all sorts of shocks or impacts, being the most resistant of all cases. These come in black and white versions.

Designs for everyone

You want your new iPhone 12 phone case to look great, right? To have it look like it was made just for you, don’t you? Well, here we make it happen with case designs for all sorts of styles and personalities.

There is a great variety of design options to choose from, ranging from flower and heart-themed ones all the way to the cases based on your favorite show or character. Whichever model you choose, its printing is impeccable and durable.

But, we also know that the best iPhone 12 case is probably the one we make ourselves. That is why Gocase offers customization tools on our site to let you decide how you want your new case to look.

Change details such as colors, filters or elements on a pre-made design or go and do it all yourself by picking a custom case. With these ones you are in control, being able to use whatever picture you want for the background, add text and filters to it.

Get one and make it happen

Come and take a look at our catalog to find your new iPhone 12 case. Use it to protect your mobile from any damage or unpredictable harm, while also being able to pick a model that expresses your style.

And, if you happen to be in need of any other products for your phone, feel free to check the rest of our site. Add-ons such as the iPhone cable lightning can come in handy many times, and the ones from Gocase also come with their own design to match the rest of your kit or outfit.