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Everyone who wants a new Note 10 Plus case is looking for a product that will fit correctly with their smartphone. The right case needs to adapt to specifics, like the S pen slot and the power and volume buttons both being on the left side of the screen.

Luckily for you, we at Gocase have a solution that will meet your needs. We provide cases made specifically to each phone model, and with the Note 10 plus it is no different.

Apart from getting the details right to fit seamlessly with it, our cases provide your smartphone with great protection and a good print. Come with us and let’s learn more about them!

What you need to know

But you may ask: why is our Samsung Note 10 Plus case so good, after all? Well, that’s because it is made of thermoplastic urethane, also known as TPU. It combines plastic, rubber and elastic in order to create a cover that is very resistant but also surprises with its flexibility.

Each case can be bent at will and yet it will not lose its original shape, which helps in making them a more durable product. They are also all slim and lightweight, meaning it is easy to carry them around when you are hanging out with your friends.

And if you ever think about what would happen if your phone slipped out of your hands then don’t worry, our Note 10 Plus case has an overall strong grip to prevent that. But still, even if it were to fall the case would protect it from any damage.

More safety and utility

The classic Galaxy Note 10 Plus case you will find in our catalog at first is of the Soft Flexible version. These are just like the cases we talked about already, but there is another model made for those who want more protection.

That is the Anti-Shock, a military-grade case version that brings more safety to your smartphone. With it, things like impacts, scratches or dust won’t offer any harm, and it is specially good for those who might be a bit more careless with their phone.

Do you want something more than just protection? Check our store, because there are plenty of add-ons that bring more utility to your routine. A good example is the phone cable, which can be very helpful while also having its own design.

A multitude of designs

Now that we have mentioned it, how about we get into the details of our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus case designs? Well, it is not even totally to just call it ours, because it is actually yours at the same time.

See, there are many different ideas for designs available for you in our catalog, and they can all be changed according to your taste. Some only require a few personal touches like adding your name or initials into it, while others give you more freedom and allow for changing the print itself.

If you select a case like Fan Girl, for example, it is possible to alter almost the entire design. Choose the name of the song and singer you want to be featured at the center, then pick which hair color, jacket, hand sign and emoji you like the most. It’s like a mini-game where you create your own case.

Designing a custom case

To go beyond the basic personalization settings, you can choose a custom case model and make something yourself. With these ones, you are able to create the best case for Note 10 plus.

In order to do that, look out for cases in our store with a Make your case tag. Choose the one with a setting you like and then go on to our customization window to see what it is about.

Models like Custom photo — Moments to remember let you choose one or more pictures to put on top of a frame printing. With these, you can make your case feel a lot more personal and unique, even adding text messages or filters on them as well.

Chose yours? Now let’s get it

All the best Note 10 Plus cases are available here at Gocase! Come and take a look at the many prints and designs you can choose from and edit yourself, and then try and not to go crazy while waiting to attach it to your phone.

If you need help with any other phone needs, like charging, just know that we have got you covered. Our power banks are great, letting you charge your smartphone anywhere while also having their own customizable designs too.