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How about adding new and impeccable new phone cases to your collection? If you love combining your outfits with your Samsung Note 20 case, go browse through our options here at the website!

Gocase has exclusive designs and a very large variety of styles, colors, illustrations and printings. Besides all that, we use premium quality materials to make sure your mobile will be protected without leaving aside its stylish features.

Note that to most of our case styles there is the possibility to make your Note 20 case custom by your own taste: pick a color, a font, a picture and other resources available and make it look just like you!

From transparent to colorful: we have got them all!

One of our biggest differentials is the large range of case models: there are more than 2.000 designs available, contemplating all styles. From more neutral to colorful ones, your next Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case can be just the way you have imagined it!

A clear Note 20 phone case is a must-have to any collection: an easy match to any outfit, they are classic, pretty and can be personalized as well! Either write your name, your initials or add a picture, for instance, and you got yourself a unique case.

Another important news is there are so many other colors such as black and white that are more basic but can shine in their own way with your personal details added to them. Having more than one neutral option is important to make cute variations with your looks!

Speaking in adding details, have you seen our pockets? An excellent idea to add to your note case and make it extra useful to your everyday routine, the phone pockets can store up to two cards and also money. With an adhesive tape at its back, it is super easy to install it!

Accessories to match your phone case and your routine

More than Galaxy Note 20 case options, Gocase offers a whole bunch of other tech items. Functional, cute and top quality, they are made with exclusive features. Our cables, for instance, come with a clamp to make it easier to carry it around and they are customizable as well!

Only one cable is not enough for who loves technology. It is the type of item you want to have one to each space you work or go to: one to your car, one to your workspace, another one in the living room… And one thing that makes it a lot easier to recognize yours is you can have your name printed to it!

We are huge fans of wearable ideas. More than just useful items, we want you to express yourself through your accessories! So whenever you have your Note 20 cover, make sure to match it with cables, power banks, phone pockets and notebook cases! Make yourself a unique kit of your favorites!

Get now items that fit your personality at Gocase!

It is absolutely possible to transpass your personality through what you wear. At Gocase we want you to feel free to showcase your style by choosing the perfect Samsung Note 20 case for you!

Another good tip is to gift a beautiful tech kit of essentials such as a phone case, a wall charger and a screen protector, for example, to your friends and family. It is useful and thoughtful at the same time, especially if you customize it!

Make sure to subscribe at our Newsletter to stay tuned to our new arrivals. We are constantly launching new styles and collabs in order to make everything more fun and special to our community. Buy your favorite Note 20 case still today!