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At Gocase we take the safety of your Galaxy s20 case very seriously, but one of our strongest beliefs is that cuteness and protection can be complementary. That is why we have developed nothing but the best and the prettiest for our customers.

Your Samsung s20 case has to correspond to your expectations and you are absolutely right to aim for the best. We use premium materials to ensure your case helps you when you need it the most.

Our combination of TPU and silicone allows a good grip and a soft touch. Slim, lightweight, scratch, dirt and accidental falls resistant, carrying your new Galaxy s20 case around will be safe and easy.

Design and ergonomics

Our slim and functional design is made out of years of research and state-of-the-art technology, resulting in an excellent format of protective edges, which provides a 360° protection to your Galaxy s20 case.

Soft and flexible, our cases offer an unmatched snug fit on the phone while keeping a non-slippery texture. They are also very precisely cut on all the mobile ports, allowing an optimized access of cables, earphones and other gadgets.

Types and styles

Our two main categories for the Samsung Galaxy s20 phone case are the classic Soft flexible and the military grade Anti-shock. Both of them are made out of our premium TPU, meaning that they are flexible and protectful.

The only difference between them is that the anti-shock has all of its sides raised, creating a super powerful anti-impact effect and enhancing the protection of our cases for Galaxy s20.

The original design of your mobile is gorgeous and it is possible to showcase it with a clear Galaxy s20 case. But since customization is always an option at Gocase, you can upgrade your transparent cover with a subtle signature or some tiny little drawings.

For the ones that are looking for the perfect accessory to compose a look or maybe just to match your manicure of the week, we have lots of bold vivid colors available.

At Gocase you have the opportunity of creating the perfect phone case to a specific occasion or just to complement your everyday style. So rock your Galaxy s20 phone case with all the features you want.

What about making your own custom tech accessories?

One of Gocase’s biggest fuels is self-expression. In order to enable your phone case hunting to be a happy and creative moment, we have come to the special formula to help you personalize your items.

Even though you decide for a certain premade style, you can give it a personal touch to it. We want your Samsung Galaxy s20 case to show your personality through endless possibilities of colors, printings, fonts and pictures.

You can go for the print of your favorite movie scene or a photo of a special moment you’ve experienced. What about having your best memories only a glance away at the back of your phone?

Looking for a new cable?

Besides our large range of phone cases, at Gocaseyou can find other accessories that you were missing at your tech gadgets collection. Check out some of our best options for you!

Our Type-C Android cable is one of the most popular ones: they can fit in a large number of devices and have a special anti-node technology. They’re tape shaped and one meter length.

If you are ever in need of extra storage...

If practicity is a must to you, we recommend our pockets for cards! Amazingly designed, they’re super compact and have three slots to your cards. Besides, they come with adhesive tape on the back.

Either you choose to stick it to the back of your phone case or just want to keep it in your purse, it is super useful and its reduced size is great to have it in hand whenever you need it.

Let us know if you got what you need

Once you have got your s20 case figured out and got to check on our other products, follow us on social media and stay tuned for our latest releases.

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