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If you are all about picking the perfect phone case to match your personality, you must have a look in our S20 Plus case section. Made with top quality materials, our cases and all other tech products are super protective and resistant.

With exclusive designs and the possibility to make your phone case at your own choices and taste, at Gocase you will guarantee your phone safety along with an extra touch of style and personality to your looks.

Effective against grease, dust, scratches and occasional impacts and available in two different styles, let’s go through some of our options and choose your favorite Samsung S20 Plus case today!

Different case styles to all needs

We have two main categories for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus case: the Soft Flexible and the Anti Shock. While the first one is our classic model, with protective edges and full flexibility, the other one has military grade protection, meaning it is more resistant to external conditions.

One important news is in both of them you can choose the color of the background you like best: transparent, black, white and other options. Also, depending on your daily activities, you can always get one of each to match your different outfits!

We believe that the S20 Plus case is more than just a protective accessory. That is why we never want you to choose between style and protection when you can have both! Either you prefer neutral covers or detailed ones, we want to contemplate all of your wishes.

How about making it just like you imagined?

If making your tech gadgets look just like you is a must, perhaps the best s20 plus case is the one that you can make custom especially for yourself, right? With the possibility of picking colors, fonts, pictures and details that really matter in your look, Gocase is a pro in helping you with all that.

From cute illustrations of travelling and pets to classic models like flowers and stripes, you can add your personal touch to each of them by writing your name, adding your initials or even picking the colors of the lines in the S20 Plus case.

Besides customizing your phone cover, you can also pick any details you like and apply them to other accessories, such as cables, for instance. Ours have one meter length and come with an exclusive clamp to make it easier for you to carry it around.

Exclusive, stylish and effective gadgets

Another good news you might want to know about our options to the Galaxy S20 Plus case is they all have biodegradable ink, UV rays protection and extra protective edges.

They are also very flexible, lightweight and thin — not bulky at all! Besides, they offer a snug fit to your mobile and can be easily stored in tiny purses and put in and out of your pockets, for instance, giving you more comfort throughout the day.

If you are seeking for even more than cases and cables, go take a look at our available power banks: with double USB outputs, they are fast chargers and store up to 5.000mAh. And you can always match it with the style you chose to your smartphone case!

Get your S20 Plus case now from our catalog!

After browsing through all of our options and having a lot of fun experimenting possibilities of case models, colors, styles, prints and illustrations, we hope you have found the perfect match of the s20 Plus cover for you.

At Gocase we are always renewing our designs and making collabs with your favorite artists. Make sure to stay tuned to our collections and new arrivals to never miss out our news!