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In our store you will find a Galaxy S9 case for all your needs. It is a high-quality product that provides your phone with a great degree of protection and style at the same time.

An awesome thing Gocase offers is the great amount of design and customization options. Nearly all of our models allow for you to add a personal touch to them, be it through a name tag, a picture or by changing the design itself. It all comes down to what you want it to be.

What the cases are made of

You see, in order to bring you the best phone cases for Galaxy S9 we make sure to use only the greatest materials available. Each case is made of TPU and soft silicone, a combination that makes it resistant, durable and flexible.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, the scientific name for the mix of plastic, elastic and rubber. Basically, it brings together the best from each material to make and soft case, which can be bent in all sorts of ways without losing its original shape.

As an added benefit, our Samsung Galaxy S9 cases also have raised rubber edges, which means that your phones’ screen gets some extra protection. The way the cases fit on the smartphone is smooth and keeps all the buttons very responsive.

Extra layers of protection

In addition to the safety each S9 phone case brings, there are different versions that will grant your smartphone even more protection. These are the Deluxe Matte and Anti-Shock cases.

But before we get into them, it is interesting to mention that our egular cases go by the name of Soft Flexible. These are the more classic ones that we have talked about earlier and, as the name suggests, have the high flexibility as their main calling card.

Now for our premium line of Samsung Galaxy S9 phone cases there are the Deluxe Matte ones. They are special because of their matte finish, which makes the surface on them smoother and softer to touch, while also making their printing more resistant to stains and yellowing effects.

At last, the kings of resistance are the Anti-Shock cases. They come in either black or white versions, and are certified military-grade products, so you can expect them to defend your phone from almost everything.

Why they are so special

The thing that catches people’s attention the most is the design for the cases and the possibility of customizing them. This helps to make each case more special and unique to everyone.

We believe that a Samsung S9 case is not just made for protecting your phone, but also to serve as an extension to our style and personality. In addition to that, they can help to compose and match looks.

Pick the case that suits you the most or have multiple ones that are each for a different occasion. Or maybe just choose a model that goes well with your favorite clothes. It is all up to you.

Designs made for you, by yourself

Wanna go out with a few friends or meet new people? Well, imagine their faces when seeing you have a beautiful Galaxy S9 case that looks like it was made just for you. And with some help from Gocase, this is possible.

It is for this reason that nearly all of our case models can be personalized according to your own taste. When choosing a design, you advance in our site to select details about the case. There, you can change things like colors and filters of the print, add your name to it or even alter elements of the design itself.

Or maybe you want to pick one of your many designs, whether they are stars and zodiac signs themed ones or cases with pretty heart printings. To go along with it, you can get a phone cable that comes with its own design to match the case.

Come and get your new case right here

Whichever style or taste you might have, all of them can be found in our store. Take a look at it and find the Galaxy S9 case you like the most, then put it in your phone and show it to the world.

Go as yourself and make everyone know what it is like to be you. And if your phone ever needs to take a break for charging you can power it with one of our wall chargers. They also come in many design options to keep up with your looks and allow for customization.